You know your own voice. You worked hard to get it and you know how to use it… Until you meet The Office Bully at the dreaded Big Monday Meeting… You’ve prepared your notes and your ideas are good, very good, but still your stomach is knotted up. The Office Bully loves to spread rumours and to humiliate you in front of your colleagues. Once the Office Bully sits down, you shrivel into a nodding-fake smile-coffee slurping mess, carefully checking your watch. The bullying does not end at the meeting. Back in the office the bully will stalk you, call you names and try to derail your work. It’s finally home time. You sob uncontrollably in your car, desperate for a safe place.

In this talk, renowned speaker Liezel van der Westhuizen, will help you find your voice again, show you how to beat the bully and get the recognition and raise that you deserve. Employers will benefit too as bullying causes high staff turnover and low morale leading to lower quality work.

From School to Office:
The bully is not restricted to the schoolyard but also enjoys roaming the office corridors. Busting the myth that all bullies grow up. Where do they come from?

The Making of the Office Bully
The Office Bully is a genius: it’s all smoke and mirrors… from a great fake relationship with the boss, knowing the minimal amount to be done to get away with it and thriving on your pain. But inside the bully lives a very insecure person taking it out on you.

Recognise and Prevent it.
How to spot the bully and remove yourself as target. Finding your own confidence and getting your voice back.

It seems like extreme sports but if you really like the company and/or the cause you are working for, you must find a way to make it work. Liezel will show you how to unleash your inner power and beat the bully!